How to Buy

We know that buying online can be tricky – especially if you are ordering customised goods. Don’t worry – we will try to make it simple!

Buying Items that are In Stock

1.Browse the catalogue and add lots of lovely items to your Shopping Cart.

2.Go to View Cart.
All the items you chose should be there.
Check the Quantity box to be sure you order the correct number of items.
Check that you have specified the right details.
Delete any individual item if you decide not to buy it just now.

3. Check the shipping option.
Buyers in the UK will choose UK shipping. Shipping is £3.50.
International Buyers should choose International shipping. Shipping is £12.50 for the first 3 items and £16.50 for more than 4 items.

4.Check the Total.
You will see that it now includes shipping.
Print this page if you would like to keep a copy.

5.Proceed to Checkout with PayPal
This will allow you to pay with PayPal or use a credit card.
Choose how you wish to pay and then just fill out your details in the usual way.

Buying Items that are To Order

1.Browse the catalogue and add lots of lovely items to your Shopping Cart.

2.Pay for your Shopping Cart as outlined above.

3.Now go to each item you ordered and Click the
Special Order Form.
Specify exactly the colours / sizes / styles that you would like.
Remember to have a look at our
Cashmere and Felt Colour Charts and the Felt Bag Style Chart.

4.Send the Order Details by clicking the button.
If we have any questions about this specification we will contact you as soon as possible.
As soon as we have your payment for this item we will place the order with our suppliers in Mongolia.
Remember – it may take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive with you!

Now sit back and relax – your beautiful items are on the way!

Wholesale Buyers please contact us - we can help you!!

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